Why Choose us

We understand that choosing a suitable course to achieve your ambition can be painful experience, especially for a recent college graduate. These important tasks require digging through so many pages of university websites, reading through prospectus, reports, newspapers, magazines, and graduate testimonials to get a grasp of the benefits of a university degree as well as reading a particular subject area and then making up your mind to choose a course that could help you in achieving your career goal.

Well, if that sounds like you. Do not worry about all the rumbling stuff mentioned above! We have our expert team of consultants who are knowledgeable about universities, subject areas, available courses, scholarship schemes, and future career potentials of pursuing a particular degree. These expert team members can work with you to consult and understand your needs, ambition, and suitability for attending higher education with a particular course of your choice and guide you through the admission process that would fulfil your aspiration for a higher degree at an ideal higher educational institute.

What we can guide you through are:

  • Getting a clear, personalised guidance in creating a plan for university admission in the UK/EU and other counties
  • Create a balance list of university that you might be eligible for admission for your preferred course and possibly be eligible to obtain a scholarship
  • Help you to improve your chances to get admission into your preferred courses at an ideal university that would meet your criteria for quality learning
  • Offer you course counselling service and guide you through step-by-step process of admission and plan your higher education
  • Help you to write your personal statement and prepare you for admission interview, so that you gain confidence in securing your place on your preferred course at the chosen university.
  • Our consultant can guide you through the application process and based on your merit we can help you to obtain scholarships from major universities and other organisations
  • If you are a Home (UK) student or EU national or family member of an EU national with (Settle or Pre-settle) status we can guide you to apply for student finance to support your education and maintenance in the UK.
  • Our expert immigration advisers can guidance you for visa application and help you with paper works in preparation of your visa (Entry clearance) application that could improve your chances of success in obtaining visa.

How we do this for you?

  • We partner with many leading universities and colleges in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Our qualified team can process admission with these institutes very fast. We do not charge any fees for our services to prospective students.
  • We have many branches in the international market and student can get personalised services from our branches. We offer a comprehensive package of services including university admission, visa processing guidance, pre-departure and post-arrival information service, university enrolment advice and accommodation arrangement on arrival.
  • We have highly experienced team of consultants who are efficient in answering student enquiries and can effectively work out a suitable course for your admission in top ranking universities across the globe
  • Our qualified team can help the student to find part-time jobs and help to obtain summer internships

We understand that many international students face challenges as they pursue higher education outside of their home countries. They face obstacles, such as different food, unfamiliar living circumstances, financial problems, balancing work, studying schedules, learning styles, and difficulties related to language, culture, and personal barriers. We understand these from core of our heart and value your need of support in a new environment where you would be unfamiliar to many little things that can make your experience uncomfortable. But do not worry, we are always on your side to make your new experience comfortable while supporting you with all that things you would need to adopt to a new culture, and in a new environment.