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You can advance to different degrees by applying for ELLT because many universities recognize this test. It is best to be knowledgeable about ELLT before applying.

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How to Book ELLT?

You must log into the OI Digital Institute or English language level test Portal to make an ELLT reservation. You can get a form there. There is a structure in the form. All you have to do is correctly complete the form. This is what you should do:

  • Type your Full name.
  • Enter the email address
  • Select your nationality
  • Choose an agent name. An authorized agent for English language proficiency testing is Albatross Education. By signing up through Albatross Education, you may take the test for less amount than normal.
  • Put your university student ID down after that.
  • Create a strong password
  • Type your password again. Make sure you remember the password for future login
  • Upload a passport size image
  • Take your photo by clicking the button
  • You will then locate the four written structures and choose one of them based on your enquiries or needs.
  • Now click the Sign Up button and you’re done

You are ready to take the test after you enter the English language proficiency test portal. You must login to access the ELLT Portal.

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The cost of the English language level test was £100. But if you apply through Albatross Education, you might get special discount.

So you can confidently select this English language level test when you want to study abroad and need to take a language test. Numerous institutions accept this test because it is the most trustworthy and secure one.

Benefits of ELLT

You might want to be familiar with ELLT’s fundamental features and operation before making a reservation. You will understand why you need to take the test once you have a complete understanding of it.

  • A student’s proficiency in the English language is assessed using four modules in this course. Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading are these four skills.
  • The entire exam is taken online. You do not need to hunt for a testing facility to take the exam if you are a candidate. Additionally, you can improve your English skills while seated at home.
  • This test is generally acknowledged and approved around the world. Therefore, you can take this test without worrying about whether it will be accepted by the courses and institutions.
  • The exam team and certified teachers from the language school recognized by the British Council are in charge of overseeing this English language test.

The ELLT test structure

Four factors are used to assess a student’s competency in this exam. If you can demonstrate that your English is great in these four, you will receive a standard score. It is they-

  • Reading – An automated and secure online test will be used to assess a student’s reading ability. It takes about 40 minutes to finish the test.
  • Listening: You will have 25 minutes to complete the online listening test. While taking this test, make sure you are in a safe and tranquil environment.
  • Writing: This test will be accessed through a special writing assignment. This portion of the test will be finished in 60 minutes.
  • Speaking: A live examiner will be present during the video call for this examination. The examiner for the final three portions of the test will be the same as you. This exam will be finished in 20 minutes.

ELLT Result Publishing Process

Okay, you reserved a spot for the English proficiency test. You will receive a score after passing the four assessment tests on itl. Following that, the English language instructor will issue you a language certificate. The authority seeks to guarantee that the outcome is precise and dependable.


A student can choose from a wide variety of English language proficiency exams. A student might be curious as to what distinguishes it from the competition. Therefore, the greatest benefit is-

100% online examination

The ELLT site exclusively administers this entirely online test. A student can access it and then use automated software to take the reading and listening test. A student will be required to take the writing test from the same portal once these first two steps are finished. The final step in taking the speaking test is for the student to select the best time for the live examiner to perform the test via video call.

Easy to Use ELLT Portal

All students and partners can access this portal thanks to its thoughtful design. It is easy to use, and after signing up, students have 24/7 access to it and may submit their assignments whenever it is most convenient for them. By paying and reserving a seat, a user can sign up to take all 4 tests at once. So that they can deliver correct results in the UK, the portal is protected by AI proctoring and a cutting-edge security portal.

Entry Requirements to book ELLT

The test has no set criteria for enrollment. There are no prerequisites for taking this test because it determines a student’s level of English.

Authorized Agents of ELLT: Book your ELLT Exam with Approved Agents


Albayan Academy


  1. AHZ
  2. AIMS Education
  3. Albatross Education
  4. Career Paths
  5. FAST International
  6. IECC
  7. Student Connect


Sunbird Consultancy.




  1. SAMS Global
  2. Linguatrip, Inc
  3. EDS Overseas Study and Training Ltd Company
  4. Student Connect.


  1. Jireh Abroad Solutions,
  2. Skillme.




M7 Test Centre.


Be International


ETA Morocco


  2. Education Above & Beyond,
  3. Global Virtual English,
  4. London Student Services


Franklin Education & Marketing Consultancy

Approved UK University List where You Can Book ELLT as an English Language Test

  1. Bangor University
  2. Bangor University International College
  3. Birmingham City University
  4. Birmingham City University International College.
  5. Bournemouth University
  6. Canterbury Christ Church University.
  7. De Montfort University
  8. De Montfort University International College.
  9. Hertfordshire International College.
  10. International College Portsmouth.
  11. International College Robert Gordon Aberdeen.
  12. Keele University International College
  13. Liverpool John Moores University.
  14. London Academy of Business and Management.
  15. London South Bank University.
  16. ONCAMPUS London.
  18. ONCAMPUS UK North.
  19. ONCAMPUS University of Hull.
  20. ONCAMPUS University of Reading.
  21. ONCAMPUS University of Sunderland.
  22. Ravensbourne University.
  23. Richmond, The American International University in London.
  24. Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.
  25. Staffordshire University
  26. The University of Central Lancashire.
  27. University for the Creative Arts.
  28. University of Bolton Greater Manchester.
  29. The University of Bristol.
  30. The University of Chester.
  31. The University of Essex.
  32. The University of Greenwich.
  33. University of Greenwich International College.
  34. The University of Hertfordshire.
  35. The University of Hull.
  36. University of Leeds ( Pre-sessional entry)
  37. the University of Portsmouth.
  38. The University of Roehampton.
  39. The University of South Wales.
  40. University of the Strathclyde
  41. The University of the West of Scotland.
  42. The University of Westminster.
  43. The University of Worcester.
  44. Wrexham Glyndwr University
  45. East Coast International College.
  46. East Coast Language College, Canada.
  47. Goethe Business School, Frankfurt University.
  48. International University of Applied Science, Germany.
  49. Jacobs University Bremen.
  50. Green River College, the USA
  51. Mercy College, New York.
  52. San Francisco State University ( International Year One)
  53. University of California, Santa Barbara, Extension International program.

Booking Cost of ELLT (English Language Level Test)

The test fee for the English proficiency test is quite reasonable. It does not need a student to struggle financially. A student simply needs to spend £100 to take this exam.

Security System of the ELLT Course

A robust security system protects the ELLT programme. To guarantee test integrity, it incorporates a number of security features and controls. The universities and students are informed about the testing portal and the results thanks to these features. The security measures include

  • AI proctoring and a system to detect fraud.
  • ID confirmation.
  • Screen and camera monitoring.
  • Unique identification number for the English language proficiency test.
  • Using human proctors.
  • Protocols for Verified Result Security Breach.
  • Verification via test.

Frequently Asked Questions of ELLT - FAQs

Why The English Language Level Test (ELLT) is popular?

Many universities, like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard, conduct the English Language level test (ELLT) to evaluate students’ English language skills, including writing, listening comprehension, reading, speaking and grammar.

How is the ELLT Marked?

Each ability is graded on a 13-level scale to determine the score. The OIDI level scale, however, ranges from 0 to 12. The candidate’s performance is used to determine the test score, which is then transferred into the CFFR and IELTS scoring scales.

How many days does it take to publish ELLT result?

The ELLT result will be published in about 48 hours, depending on the number of results you enter. You should note that the ELLT results are not updated immediately, as it needs time to process the data.

How would you evaluate an English-language level test speaking and writing score?

  • Task accomplishment.
  • correctness or appropriateness of languages.
  • Flow and disclosure control.
  • Grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary.

What is the scoring system of ELLT?

Writing and speaking test scores and ELLT reading and listening test scores are different. The writing test is worth 24 points, while the reading test is worth 32 points. However, the score for the speaking and writing sections is determined on a scale from 0 to 12.

How do I check my ELLT score?

Within the ELLT portal, you can check your score, outcome, and certificates. By logging into your account, you may see the individual result and overall score.

Can I apply to UK universities with ELLT?

With a good ELLT score, international students are enthusiastically welcomed at many UK universities. So, if you’re considering taking this test, go ahead and do it.

Can I apply for ELLT at USA universities?

Yes, several universities in the USA will accept applicants with this score. You can find the names of these universities in the list of universities that accept the English language proficiency test.

What will be the cost to book ELLT?

The ELLT typically costs £100. However, if you schedule your ELLT through its associated partner Albatross Education, you might get special discounts.

Can I register for a test to determine my English proficiency at a Canadian university?

You may be able to enroll at some Canadian colleges or universities if you are interested in studying there.