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Hardship fund/bursary event

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
2347 Neil Ave Columbus New York, NY United States
Albatross Education
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Description of the event
This event shall be organised for students who are going through serious financial difficulties due to unforeseeable circumstance in their life and are in need of financial aid.

This event will provide advice and information to apply for various charity hardship and university bursary funds to help them overcoming the hardship.

Our expert team will discuss the issues (confidentially in a separate consultation room) and then advice and help students to apply for available funds.

This event can be attended by only those students studying at our partners universities and colleges with the aid of admission from the Albatross Education ltd. Friends and family members are allowed too.
Available for all attendees for free of charge (tea, coffee, and range of snacks)

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