Md Ashiqur Rahman Khan

Position: Head of Operation & Marketing
Location: Bangladesh

Following a successful career in the IT and eCommerce sectors, as well as running his own business, Ashik Khan joined Albatross Education as a Head Of Operation in Bangladesh wings.

Since then Khan has achieved a lot of success based on making strategy and market analysis as well as the innovative development of company growth by addressing digital technology to get a wide range of successful campaigns and student databases.

Khan has a special interest in developing web applications for business and making its SOP strategy, that’s why after being graduated in software engineering he earned a professional degree from Hertford College, University of Oxford.

Besides, Khan attended a certified training course by RELIEF International in Youth Journalism and Human Rights in 2009.

He also achieved certificates from the University of HEC Montreal in the social business creation competition 2019.His proposed business model “ Life Saver, Ensure portable drinking water “ ranked second runner up in the Asia session and also positioned 7th across the world among 57 countries.

He is the running vice president of Hasan Social Welfare Organization registered by the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh.

He was also a TOT Trainer assigned by the VGD Project 2016-2017 under the Ministry of Social Welfare in Bangladesh.

Khan is a Facebook application developer besides he is also being considered one of the most advanced and highest spent account holders of Facebook ads manager in Bangladesh.

Apart from that, Khan has done advisory, made strategies for branding and promotion as well as served as a brand ambassador for around 10-15 startups including running companies both locally and internationally.

Khan’s pragmatic experience has led him to specialize in creating solutions with a particular focus on strategy development and operation, through professional leadership.

Although the job duties on which Khan has often taken the lead of a wide span of varying levels and sectors, his main area of focus in Albatross is to develop Marketing Strategy and operation for Bangladesh.