Pasindu Nilupul

Position: Administrator
Location: Sri lanka

“Meet Pasindu Nilupul, an accomplished professional with a passion for excellence. Armed with a B.B.A. Hons degree and a prestigious Association of Accounting Technicians certification, Pasindu brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as the admin of Albatross Education’s Sri Lankan branch.

Driven by enthusiasm and dedication, Pasindu is committed to fostering a supportive and dynamic environment where students can thrive, especially in their pursuit of higher education at esteemed UK universities. His expertise in providing consultancy services ensures that students receive personalized guidance tailored to their aspirations and goals.

With Pasindu at the helm, Albatross Education Sri Lanka is not only poised for success but also positioned as a leading consultancy service provider, empowering students to navigate the intricate process of applying to UK universities with confidence. Join us on this exciting journey towards educational excellence, where Pasindu’s guidance is instrumental in shaping futures and opening doors to a world of opportunities.”