About us


Albatross Education ltd is a higher education admission consultancy firm. Our aim is to develop an accessible platform for admission guidance for students in leading universities across the world. And to achieve this aim, we work with many of the global major higher education institutions. Our experienced consultants are aware of university admission policies, rules, and regulations, which enable them to provide informative and impartial advice and guidance on numerous courses that prospective students can choose from and secure an admission at the ideal university.
As an admission consultancy firm for higher education, we understand the unique needs of prospective students. And for many years our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of students to secure admissions and obtained scholarships from prominent universities.
We have a highly efficient team that provides fast response to prospective student enquiries. And our qualified team of consultants can instantly offer a wide range of solutions to student enquiries either for admission guidance, scholarship information and support, or offering generic information to make up your mind to pursue higher education on a particular subject and universities.
We believe in the quality of service and value the unique desire of prospective students for admission in an appropriate course that can help them to plan their careers with the utmost productivity. Therefore, our consultants are ready to help anyone wishing to get in touch with us for higher education.

Our Mission

Albatross education’s mission is to close the growing guidance gap in university admission though providing proper guidance, accurate information, advice, and support to prospective students seeking university admission.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading admission consultancy firm where students can access for accurate information, guidance, advice, and support for higher education admission.

Our Values

  • Understanding the needs of students seeking admission at higher education institutions
  • Offer accurate information, advice, and guidance for university admission
  • Maintain integrity through guiding students in their higher education choice
  • Adhere teamwork sprit in providing services to all our stake holders

Hour history

The Albatross Education Ltd started its consultancy service in 2017. Prior to this, it was known as the BSA commercial purporting to offer independent advice and information to prospective students seeking admission to British universities.  The BSA commercial was limiting its services only to a particular group of students while demand for student consultancy was increasing from almost every corners of the world. With the rise of demands for quality guidance in higher education admission process, the BSA commercial was abolished and the new name of the consultancy firm “the Albatross education ltd” was formed with the new mission, vision, and creation of value.

The Albatross Education Ltd is now widely accepted as one of the efficient and dynamic student admission consultancy firm across the world. It has many branches to promote higher education among potential students and help them to obtain accurate information, proper guidance, and support to secure admission in higher education institutes that can led them towards achieving dreams.