Md Mehedi Hasan

Position: CEO
Categories: UK OFFICE TEAM
Location: UK

Md Mehedi Hasan is the founding director and CEO of the Albatross education ltd. Hasan has served as the students’ Association president of the International Students’ Association in London from 2007-2011. During his tenure, he has set many strategies and tactics for international students’ welfare in the UK. Being a former student leader, Hasan is very knowledgeable of student issues, and concerns from both academic and non-academic perspectives.
Hasan has earned an MSc in International Marketing & Management from the University of East London (UEL). While being student at the East London University (UEL) and working for international students as their chosen leader across the London region, Hasan visited many university campuses and encountered various student issues and navigated their concerns from the real-life perspective. He is, therefore, vary aware of all the anxieties, and hurdles faced by students while pursuing their degree and thus his work as the director of the Albatross education ltd is informed by his own extensive experience in the higher education sector.
Hasan is a very proactive person with many innovative ideas and strategies that is helping the firm to extend its scope for consultancy not only in the UK but many other European universities. With his acute mind for success and effective strategies, this year, the Albatross education ltd has helped our partner universities to recruit over 3000 students for higher education form both home and international market.