A foundation degree provides little extra support for student who need to improve their academic performance to be promoted to a full degree. Foundation degree are for those students who did not make the grade needed to secure a place on a full degree. Many universities in the UK offer course with an integrated foundation year which will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to progress their studies into the chosen subjects. Please visit the link to see some examples of the foundation degrees that you can study to improve your skill and knowledge ; https://arden.ac.uk/our-courses/blended-learning/undergraduate/foundation-year-entry-degrees.

The above are not and exhaustive list of foundation courses that you can enroll as pathway towards a full degree. There are many more foundation degrees offered by our partner universities and colleges that you can get admission on. It all depends on what you would want a career on and how you actually plan your higher education.

So, if you are confused and can not make up your mind and need some advice on your subject area, mood of study, career choice and other issues to decide upon your degree choice, please get in touch with us [Click here] and we can help you to make an informed choice on you next path.

English requirements to attend a foundation degree

The English requirements to enroll on a foundation degree varies on course-to-course basis. There are universities with foundation course that requires a minimum IELTS score of 5 with each component not below the score of 4. If you have scored 4.5 in IELTS with each component having score of 4, you might still be eligible for some of the courses. You can contact our consultants to enquire [Click here] more about this.

Possibility of attending foundation degree without English proficiency certificate

If you do not have any English qualification, you might still be eligible for admission onto a course but you many need to proof that you have enough English proficiency to attend the course. That means, the university might ask you to complete an English course and then accept your application onto the course you wish to attend.

Most of the students in the UK, especially mature students without any English proficiency certificate attend Level-3 course. To learn more about this please contact us [click here] our expert consultants can give you more information about English course and admission to the foundation course.

Estimated tuition fees for a foundation degree

The cost for a foundation degree varies from university to university and on course-to-course basis. However, the estimated cost for a foundation degree can be between £9000-£10,000 for international students.  And the cost of a foundation degree for home (UK and EU students with settle and pre-settle status) students can be between £6000-£9000 depending on the course and university that you wish to attend.

Entry requirements to attend a foundation degree

Here are some examples of what you would need (not exhaustive list) to get admission to a foundation degree:

  • Your IELTS certificate with required score of minimum 5 or 4.5 or proof of English language proficiency.
  • Your secondary and higher secondary/A-level certificate and transcripts (make sure they are translated in English)
  • Two reference letters from your schoolteacher/professionals or if you are seeking admission based on your work experience, you would need reference letter from your employer (line manager)
  • Your personal statement with details of your purpose of study, aspiration, and future career goal upon completion of your study.
  • Your identification (copy of your passport), or other form of national ID. Most universities prefer passport
  • If you are seeking entry to foundation degree based on your long-term work experience, you would need to provide evidence of working in capacity of Manager of an organization or a department

If you wish would know more about attending a foundation degree as a pathway course to your full degree, you can talk to our expert team of consultants who can sit with you and discuss your current position and workout the best possible ways to get you onto a foundation course at an ideal university in the UK. So, contact us to book an appointment with our finest advisors awaiting to hear from you. [Click here]